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Mr. Vikas Verma

  • Represented India in the “Asia Design Collection Makuhari Grand Prix ” competition in September 1998 in Japan and won an award
  • Won an Award in NIFT’s graduating Design Collection in May 1998 for “Excellence in Garment Construction – MENSWEAR”
  • Won MS Watch Design Competition in 1997
Mr. Ali Khan

  • Invited to help in the Oscar De La Renta 2007 spring/summer show
  • 2nd Place Creative Design Award for Bachelor’s end of the year show (Love affair with Aphrodite)
Ms. Richa Gupta

  • Awarded as best final Project ‘1997 on “Trimmings” in NIFT
  • Held solo exhibition of traditional Indian textiles in the year 2000 in Delhi
Mr. Kailash Menon

  • Most Creative Design Collection 1995 – 1998 Batch Chennai NIFT
  • Designed the costumes for a mega movie ‘Allai Payuthe’ directed by Mr. Maniratnam
  • Designed costumes for Mr. Rajeev Menon movies “Kandukodem Kandukondem” for actress of Miss World Fame Ashweriya Rai
  • Designed the costumes and coordinated the clothes for BPL Batteries advertisement directed my Mr. Rajeev Menon
  • Designed costumes for plays of Historic Adaptations for “Living theater” and “Little Theater”, Bangalore
Ms. Biswarupa Mohanty

  • Received the Coca-cola designer of the year award in the year 2000 for the graduating design collection’ The Vivid Duel
  • While working with Satya Paul, Designed the costumes for Miss world cotestants Sayali Bhagat and the winning evening gown for Sonali Nagrani
  • Worked with the NIFT forecast cell to produce the trend forecasting book for summer 2000
  • Held solo exhibition of fashion illustrations in the year 2000 in Orissa
  • Designed the uniforms for the ground staff and air hostess for Indian airlines

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