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Certificate Programme of Fashion Design & Information Technology (FDIT)
(1-Year Certificate Programme)

The objective of the programme is to impart an excellent understanding and knowledge of the professional Fashion Industry. The student will study the garment design and manufacturing process; from the garment conceptualization stage, through the pattern drafting phase, to final garment assembly. They will be encouraged to gain experience by involvement in top fashion shows and events in UAE.

The programme allows the students to:

·Gain a strong foundation in fashion designing, fabric sciences & Computer aided applications using CAD
·Understand the process of dyeing and its application in designing
·Get acquainted with traditional skills in textile designing, Internet and web page development
·Get a thorough knowledge of pattern creation for Men’s/ Women’s wear with emphasis on draping techniques
·Translate paper patterns into completed garments for art in fashion
·Gain advanced individual technical skills  in Garment Technology & Garment Construction using different kinds of sewing machines.


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