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Resident's Life (Hostels)

(Updated on 19.08.2020)


1.  When will MAHE Dubai hostel be operational?

Hostel will be operational from 1st September, 2020 for the next academic session 2020-21, since the classes for the new academic year will begin by 20th September 2020.



2.  Can I book ticket to return to hostel?

Since classes are starting from 20th September, 2020 all the students are required to renew their visas, students are requested to contact the airlines for the earliest available flight to the UAE in order to arrive as early as possible in the month of September and attend classes. Students are requested to book their flight tickets only to the Dubai airport. Upon arrival at the Dubai airport, students will be required to take a COVID-19 test and remain in the hostel until the result of the test is received. If the student is tested positive for COVID-19, the student will be required to undergo quarantine as per the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulations.



3.  Is transport facility available to students arriving from Dubai airport?

Students who wish to avail transport facility from the Dubai airport to the hostel must send us their flight tickets at least 3 days before travelling date.


4.  Will student get food facility at the hostel?

Since the university canteen and hostel cafeteria service will be operational only from 20th September 2020, students are requested to make their own arrangements for food by ordering from outside until 20th September, 2020.



5.  When will I get my fee advise for the hostel?

The finance department will email the fee advice to all the students who have registered for hostel facility for the academic session 2020-21 shortly.



6.  When will I get my Room Allotment details?

These details will be communicated to all the students who have registered for hostel facility on or before 1st September, 2020.



7.  What should I do if feel unwell, while in the hostel?

A student who feels unwell, while residing on the hostel needs to immediately contact the hostel warden and Health and Safety officer via phone.



8.  Are there any requirements while I move in to the hostel?

  • Students are required to submit a Travel Declaration Form (Please refer question 2) to the University along with COVID PCR report with validity of 24 hours.
  • Students will be provided with a move-in schedule to avoid crowding and comply with social distancing guidelines


9.  What are the measures taken at the hostel to ensure safety?

All health and safety measures followed in the campus will be followed in the hostel premises. Refer answer #1.



10.  Do I have to wear mask in the hostel?

Students must wear face masks at all times on-campus, and all common indoor and outdoor areas. The only exception to this is when students are in their hostel rooms.



11.  Are visitors allowed?

Visitors will not be allowed into residential areas and on special circumstances, will be allowed with prior approval, and will be limited to designated areas only.



12.  Will I be allowed to travel outside the hostel premises?

Students are advised to limit and avoid unnecessary outings.