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Student Clubs at MAHE Dubai

Student Clubs

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Student Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

Manipal Academy of Higher Education - MAHE Dubai ensures that its students get the best holistic experience possible during their time as university students. Extra-curricular activities and all round development are given special emphasis at the university. There are several vibrant student managed clubs and associations on campus. 

Student Clubs are a community in the Campus that provides a forum for students to connect, collaborate and pursue their interests in arts, photography, dance, music, and lots more.


Student Clubs of MAHE Dubai campus caters to varied interests of students and has 11 student clubs functional through the year. 

The student clubs meet every Wednesday from 2 pm - 4 pm during the semester. 

The dedicated time slot helps in encouraging the participation of students and streamlining club activities. 


A platform to nurture talent and hone various skills listed below including resilience, confidence, time management, teamwork and communication as students pursue interests in the following student clubs:


  • Arts – creativity in expressions of themes and concepts
  • Conservation & Environment Club - create sustainable solutions and encourage others to take steps to save the planet
  • Community Outreach & Student Well-being - get involved and get others involved in social responsibility
  • Dance - focus, spatial awareness, enthusiasm and energy in the performance 
  • Debate & Public Speaking – orators demonstrate intellectual and critical thinking skills
  • Drama – engage with the audience with energy and confidence to portray a character 
  • Entrepreneurship Club – communicate, focus and strategize with an appetite for risk-taking
  • Literary – a flair for the language, express oneself through poems, short stories, blogs, and the list goes on
  • Music –Vocal /Instrumental – creativity, attention to detail, focus on performance
  • Photography – creativity, attention to detail, patience, focus on presenting the theme or concept
  • Sports Club – increase stamina, endurance, teamwork
  • UAE Heritage Club/ Arabic Club – increase awareness of local cultures and encourage others to appreciate and respect diversity


All the student clubs have a focus to accomplish the following activities in a semester


  • Conduct Workshops/ Classes in areas related to the Clubs
  • Participation of Club members in performances/ competitions (external)
  • Clubs to put up at least 1 performance/ organize activities in the Campus once a Semester

Collaborate, get connected and be inspired by life.