Students of MAHE Dubai Orator's Club win GCC level Debate Competition

  • May 26, 2021

Students of MAHE Dubai Orator's Club win GCC level Debate Competition When: — Where: Category:

We are pround to annouce that our students who are part of the Orator’s Club have won multiple prizes in the GCC Debate Competition, ‘Unleash 2021’ hosted by SP Jain School of Global Management. This GCC-level debate competition with representation from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, witnessed participation of 120 participants from 40 universities. Students had to choose from 4 different topics to display their oratorical skills. The details of the winners are provided below. The First and Second place winners won a cash award of AED750 and AED500 respectively; whereas the cash prize for ‘Ultimate Debater Unleashed’ was AED200.


  1. Shraddha Menon, SOLS, 2nd year    : First place (“ Electric Cars are the Best way to Beat Energy Crisis”)
  2. Shaikh Omais, SOB, 2nd year            : Second place ( “Social Media Corrupts Human Interactions.”)
  3. Ayman Sayed, DOHSS, 2nd year         : Ultimate Debater Unleashed (“ Rapid Innovation Enhances Our Cultural Heritage”)
  4. Huda Sharif, SOEIT, 2nd year           : Ultimate Debater Unleashed ( “Social Media Corrupts Human Interactions.”)


We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciate the efforts of Dr. Zakiya Ansari for supporting and coaching the students in participating in such rewarding competitions.