Research at MUD

The objective of creating Research and Development Program (R&DP) at Manipal University Dubai is to develop and nurture research aptitude among its faculty and staff members. The initiation of Research & the Development Program at Manipal University Dubai is in line with Manipal University, India, where research has always been an area of paramount importance and Manipal University Dubai, would also encourage research by faculty and staff members.  The passion for research not only enhances the knowledge and skill sets of an individual, but also provides a way to bring new tools, new techniques, and new knowledge which are eventually beneficial to the society. The faculty and staff members of the Manipal University Dubai are encouraged to apply  to get research funds from external research funding agencies.

The mission of Research and Development Program at Manipal University Dubai is to

(1) Encourage and support research to improve human health, environment, knowledge, skills, social and economic aspects,

(2) Advance and disseminate knowledge and technology to improve all aspects of human life and

(3) Provide research training and research assistance to the students, faculty and staff members.


Research and Development Program (R&DP) at Manipal Univesity Dubai Campus consists of Chairperson of the various academic Schools of Manipal University Dubai. The Research and Development Program shall discuss all issues pertaining to research and development and would facilitate various services such research policies, research grants, research travel support, and other  development programs.


Name of Members


Dr Firdos Alam Khan, PhD
Professor & Chairperson
School of Life Sciences

Research & Development Program

Dr Jason Fitzsimmons, PhD
Professor & Chairperson
School of Business

Research & Development Program

Dr R N Shukul, PhD
Professor & Chairperson
School of Media & Communication

Research & Development Program

Dr S K Pandey, PhD
Professor & Chairperson
School of Engineering & Information Technology

Research & Development Program

Mr Ashok Iyer
Professor & Chairperson
School of Design & Architecture

Research & Development Program


Research Guidelines

Good research practice underpins high-quality science and supports the robust evidence base needed to drive improvements in all aspects of human life. It provides strong foundations for research careers, supporting high quality education and training, and delivers assurance to those whose work builds on the findings of others. Good research practice also helps to increase public confidence and trust in the research process and its outputs. The responsibility for promoting and delivering good research practice is shared by the whole research community. Researchers should strive for the highest achievable standards in the planning, conduct and reporting of their research and demonstrate integrity in their dealings with others. Researchers should foster a culture which supports and embeds good research practice and aims to prevent research misconduct.  


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Research Publications

The Faculty at Manipal University Dubai is involved in different areas of research. Click here to read more about our research publications.

Research Collaborations

The faculty members of Manipal University Dubai also collaborate with other Universities in the research projects. To know more about the names of faculty members, their project titles and names of the collaborating universities, click here.

Research Projects

Manipal University Dubai has initiated internal research funding opportunities for the faculty members. Click here to read more on the projects that have been funded for the period between April 2014- March 2015.

Research Awards

The MSc final year students (Sheriff A, Edgar A, Sethi DK, and Rayees N) under supervision of faculty members Dr Faheem SM, Ms Banu Hussaina and Ms Seenivasan R had obtained the 2nd position for the best poster competition at Fourth UAE National Genetic Diseases Conference, Dubai, 2014.

The title of the abstract was  “Gold Nanocomposites: A novel approach towards breast cancer therapy”.

Book Publications

Click here to read more about the book publications of our faculty members.